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I'm a freelance and fiction writer, but you might know me from my work as a Video Game Designer on the award winning MASS EFFECT series.

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About Me


My name is Dave and I’m a freelance and fiction writer based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I hail originally from Toronto and am, still, a very proud Torontonian, even though my family and I reside in the Little Portland of Canada.
My time is currently split between working on my first novel, freelance writing and this website, which I intend to be chock-full of ideas and musings for writers and freelancers.


I started writing at 10 and my intent was to study Creative Writing. But Jurassic Park came out and everything changed. I finished my degree in English Literature at Toronto’s York University and went to study Computer Graphics at Seneca so I could work in this new industry called CGI.
I ended up working in video games as first an artist and then a level designer, and then as a narrative level designer for almost 15 years in total. I worked on some launch titles that you may have never heard of, as well as some award winning titles you may have. I’ve also been a broadcast designer, an animator of commercials, a teacher and a designer of album covers.



https://www.instagram.com/davefeltham https://twitter.com/DaveFeltham https://www.flickr.com/davefeltham


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