David J Feltham
Software Producer|Video Game Designer|Writer

I'm a Software Producer, Video Game Designer and freelancer writer. For fun, I'm an amateur landscape photographer and self-taught cook. You might know me from my work as a Video Game Designer on the award winning MASS EFFECT series. Scroll down for more.

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About Me


My name is Dave and I am a freelance writer. I hail originally from Toronto and am, still, a very proud Torontonian, even though my family and I reside in the Little Portland of Canada. In my lengthy past I have been a Broadcast Designer, an artist, a designer and a manager in the Video Games Industry – I am an avid amateur landscape photographer and write in my spare time.


While I’ve spent most of my life taking photos and my career was moving towards writing, Jurassic Park came out and changed everything. I finished my degree in English Literature at Toronto’s York University and went to study Computer Graphics at Seneca so I could work in this new industry called CGI.
I started my career making broadcast design graphics for Monday Night Football and other shows on ABC, CBS, PBS and CBC and then moved to work in video games as first an artist and then a designer – you might know my work in the Mass Effect Series, specifically the Genophage Campaign Mass Effect 3. I toiled in that industry for almost 15 years until I retired and took 3 years to freelance write and finish a novel (unpublished).



https://www.instagram.com/davefeltham  https://www.flickr.com/davefeltham