Journal: August 11, 2016

This week was launch week! And while I am fully aware that this is nothing compared to, say, the launch of Mass Effect 2 or 3 when I did that or the launch of a book author friends have done, I am still nervous, excited and relieved. I opened the site up on Monday. It’s been received well and I only had a few minor bugs happen, it would seem.1)knock on wood

I took off the last few weeks to fully envelop myself in vacation time, going to many places around Edmonton that I’d never been to, or hadn’t been to in a while. It has been a blast and I think the family enjoyed themselves immensely. Lots of unhealthy food was consumed. I highly recommend the Ukranian Heritage Village out in Tofield if you haven’t been (I’ve lived here 9 years and hadn’t). Despite the fun, one thing surprised me during this time: I was eager to get back to work. This is something that I can safely say has never happened to me. I have always dreaded going back to work, whether it was working in broadcast or games. I was eager to launch the website and get into a rhythm with posts and get back to the book and short stories.

And when I did get back into it this week, boy was I in for a surprise as I spent a good two days dealing with the mess Windows Update has left my machine in. Now I’m not one of those Windows haters: I love Windows 10, despite it’s shortcomings. But I am getting increasingly annoyed at how my system – a system I do not hack around with that much – is left drying in the wind every time Windows does a major update. Right now I am investigating why machine has gone from a 20 second boot-up to a 4 minute bootup. And while this isn’t a huge deal as I don’t reboot my machine every day, it’s the underlying issues that may be present that has me worried.

With regards to my writing, I spent this week finally finishing the story timeline, bringing in what I’ve written into some timeline software. While I don’t think there was value in seeing it in timeline form, it was good to familiarize myself with the story again anew and seeing some of the holes that need filling. I’m trying very hard to not completely rejigger the whole thing – years in games has taught me that this is a common issue that comes just before a project is done – and look at the whole thing as objective as I can. Next up will be planning on how to fill those holes, as well as some short story planning and writing.

Be well,


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1. knock on wood