Journal: July 11, 2016

The kids went to camp this week and I’m going to spend half of this week getting the Novel timeline done now that the pre-novel timeline is done. My plan is to go through and find real eventsĀ and bring them into the story, then rebuild the timeline to get my new outline. That is the plan and plans were made to be broken. I look forward to seeing if that actually happens. The other half I’m taking off for holiday, and on and off again over the next 3 weeks for holiday.

I have found it incredibly difficult to read and write in this last month – but I’ll admit between the website, the gift I’m making and the timeline work, that it’s been busy. A majority of the time on the website has been working on Articles to have ready for the website launch.

I’ve also been invited to another writer’s group and as much as I enjoy my existing one, it will be interesting to see what the dynamic is for the new one.