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This latest change to my website marks the 5th for feltham.ca and my 6th website in total. 1)That seems like a lot, until I remember I’ve had my own website since 1997 and then I realize that I’m old. The website has gone through many metamorphoses, first as a blog chronicling my early career as a new video game developer and witnessing the Games Developer Conference for the first time; then as a critique and analysis for games and the games industry; then as a short-lived critique for technology in Canada; as my portfolio, back when I did CG Art; and then finally, in the last few years, as a blog, discussing whatever came to mind.
But now that I’m freelance and focused on writing, I decided that  it was time to take the gloves off and get serious about this thing. The website is more than a change in the visuals you see, it’s a change in focus, a change that reflects what I’m now focused on in the hopes that you might learn, or at least be entertained, by the things I’ve learned.

Some of the types of content you will find here:

Articles on Productivity

I love efficiency. In these articles, I’ll talk about some of the tricks, workflows and technology that I’ve found that has helped me be more productive. I’ll also share links, and my thoughts, to other articles I’ve found on the web.

Articles on Technology

This won’t be a new and poorly implemented Engadget. But over the years I have found interesting, fun and productive software and hardware and want to share what I’ve found. Sometimes this will merge with the other topics, as Technology has been essential to me being a better freelancer and writer.

Articles on Writing and Workflow

I’m fascinated with the writing process and I’ve learned many tips and ways to better my own workflow over the years as both a game developer and recently as a writer. This is where I’ll share those notes that have benefit me the most.

A Journal

I have found a lot of value listening to both well established writers like Stephen King and Neil Gaimen, as well as less well known authors like Iain BroomeEmma Newman and the authors at Dead Robots Society talk about their process and what they’re going through. In fact I would say that I have taken more notes on what these authors have revealed than any ‘Pro Tips’ blog or podcast. With that in mind, I have decided to ‘bare all’ by posting what I have gone through with my writing, on a week to week basis. I’ve been keeping a journal while working on the website with reference to my writing work and when the book is complete, if that ever happens, I will post my journal entries from that time as well. The hope is that someone out there finds value in seeing the notes from one writer’s early years.

So in all, I hope you find some value or entertainment. Or if you’re a fellow writer hoping to finish that book, or a freelancer struggling in the open waters of self-employment, you find some comradery that someone else is going through the same stuff you did.

You can get notifications of new posts by signing up here or following me on Twitter. If you’ve found an error on the website or with what I’ve written, want to request a topic, simply mosey on over here.

I have several past-times, but the two I enjoy the most are Photography and Cooking. If you’d like to be notified of new photos on flickr, you can follow me there, or on Instagram, where I also post photos of the food I’m making.
Finally I’d like to thank you, dear reader, for taking the time to visit here and getting to the end of this long post. Whether you are new, or friends or family or you’ve, for some strange reason, visited or followed me for the last 16 years on this domain, I appreciate the interest you have shown.


UPDATE: I’ll add in the URL here. www.feltham.ca or you can click my name in the upper left-hand corner. Have a look around and send me any feedback you might have!

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1. That seems like a lot, until I remember I’ve had my own website since 1997 and then I realize that I’m old.