Journal: Sept 23, 2016

I’m about to head out to our local bookstore to support one of the writers in my writing group who’s doing a book signing (Robert T. Hunting…here’s his book here:, but because I’m waiting for OneNote to sync a large section (grrr) I thought I’d drop a little post here and let you know what’s been going on.

The Fall is an INSANE time for me. I feel like I’ve touched on some of what’s going on and why it’s busy, so I’ll focus on what I’m doing right now. Well not right now. Right now I’m listening to The Dears’ Lost in the Plot waiting for that OneNote folder.

I’ve changed a bit how I work in the last while with so many plates balancing in the air. I’ve gone from a split-day focus, to an alternating week focus and it seems to have worked: I feel like I’m making more headway on the long list o’ things. I spent the first week of September on two short stories for two upcoming contests, and to put in my backlog of stories. One was the story that I’ve done 6 revisions on and now have come with something that I’m not only happy with, but has past the first goalpost of The Wife Reading. The second story is a second revision that needs a fair amount of work, and so I’ll come back to that soon.

The second week of September was spent working on the edits for the book. That work is slow, but coming along. It will be slow as long as the list of things I have to do is big.

And this, the third week of September, has been spent working out the plan for a short story I’m working on for something my Writer’s Group is working on. We’re doing something neat – and as soon as I can talk about it I will – but in order to do the first step, I had to do a metric tonne of research. I spent most of this week researching my location and my topic (I’m being purposefully vague here), all in order to ensure that the Location and premise supported the story I wanted to tell, and that the character supported all of that. I’m in a good place right now, and I think I have the early workings of this. Though…I have a week to solidify it.

Next week I’ll be back to the short stories as their deadlines loom.

In between this I’ve been trying to get some articles for the website done – but I find that there’s just not enough time…or rather I can’t fit it in, despite my insanely efficient working methods.

Well the song has ended, the OneNote sync complete and it’s time for me to flee to downtown. Be well,